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Dominant Dog Collar 2.0

Dominant Dog Collar 2.0

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The DDC is constructed of Solid Brass Rings and a Solid Brass Clasp that allows the user to simply clip the collar around his/her canine's neck. 

The DDC 2.0 has an extra ring attached alongside the clasp. This extra ring acts as a "Dead Ring" allowing the Handler to run the collar in "Slip" or "Non-Slip" collar mode without having to change the position of the collar clasp. The Handler simply needs to change his lead to either the dead ring or live ring on the collar.

Lacking the holes of classic metal choke chain, this collar will protect your canine's fur. The collar is light weight which helps keep the collar just below the jaw line, the optimal location for a choke/slip collar. This light weight attribute also keeps the DDC above any other collar your canine might be wearing (i.e. an e-collar, or flat collar). Keeping the DDC above all other collars and just below the jawline makes for a swift Tactical Take Off, when a manual take off is required.

It is best to measure your canine's neck starting just behind the ears and then around the jaw line. Keep a little slack, maybe one - two fingers worth, in the measuring tape. Round up to the nearest inch.


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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Multipurpose Collar

Absolutely LOVE these collars. Use them with our working and pet dogs and they are great! We have used these with our Dutchie for helping teach outs and do manual take offs during bite work. They also work great for cleaning up a competition style heel or other regular corrections as well. When in a bind they can also be used as a tab, tree tether base, or coupler! These are a must have training tool in our gear arsenal.

Travis Lax
Key Piece of Equipment

These collars are amazing! They make ‘tactical take offs’ light work. There’s no conflict, or stress when using these collars. I keep one in each common size for handlers that have highly possessive dogs and struggle with the ‘lift off’ and routinely use them on dogs doing odor work. A++