Rader K9 is a Veteran Owned, Small Business specializing in the manufacture of custom Leads and Collars. Every product is handmade in the United States and built at time of order. Free USPS Priority or First Class Shipping for orders within the United States.


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Very High Quality & Outstanding Customer Service

First, regarding customer service, I received immediate responses to questions which ensured I ordered the correct size of collars. Order arrived quickly and the collars are very high quality. Far superior to other slip collars I’ve tried, will be ordering other products in future.

Great slip lead

Good length. Doesn’t tangle or ruin the coat around the neck, stays clean, and doesn't get dirty easily.

Great collar

Great quality. I use this collar daily on a working dog.

Dominator Collar

Excellent product. Excellent customer service. Super quick shipping. Couldn't be happier and will definitely order again soon.

Wonderful change.

I grow up with choke collars. Your collar is wonderful! my puppy responds well. Thanx!

great products

this is my favorite dominant dog collar. great quality and quick shipping

Best collar

This is absolutely hands-down, the best collar I could’ve purchased for my dog it helps us both. Thanks.

Best training tool around!

I personally utilized damn near every piece of training equipment in the dog training industry over the last 17 year. These silent slip collars are hands down my go to. Very universal and can be utilized on pretty much and dog at any age. When properly fit even the most stubborn dogs will quit pulling like a freight train in seconds. When used properly, you can fix a multitude of problems such as barking, lunging, pulling, and backing out of collar. Aside from problems, it creates a clear picture when educating dogs on certain tasks such as sitting, heeling, going from down back ti a sit, place, etc.

This collar has made my job as a trainer much easier and gives me a way to communicate with each dog in a much clearer fashion. They damn near train the dog for you, and that’s no bullshit!


Traffic Tabs
Marty Grasa
Great new product

We have three large breed dogs. We were looking for a waterproof collar and leash for trips to the beach. We found RaderK9 products and have never looked back. These items are extremely high quality, good looking, functional and tough. You will not be disappointed.
We have also found Ben and his "team" to have rock solid customer service and support. In short, RaderK9 is totally Zer0, UNO and Betty White (our pack) approved!


Absolutely love my collars! Both are made with amazing quality, perfect size, and gorgeous colors! The customer service is top notch as well! I will recommend this company and these collars to anyone and everyone, I know!

Nothing better

Not only is the DDC the most critical piece of equipment my dog wears. But Radar K9 is beyond superb in every way; quality, price, customer service, etc.!

Working dogs to family pets.

Love the quality and They Work!

A must have!

I use the dominant dog collar on all my dogs!
We started using these for our working dogs but I now use them as my go to collar on every dog. I find more “feel” in these and the quality from Rader is far superior to any similar product on the market.

Game Changer

I’ve placed several orders over the years with Rader K9. Ben responds quickly to messages and has quick turn around on orders. His long lines and DDC were game changers for my tracking and apprehension!

Integrity and honesty

Ben Rader is hands down one of the most honest people I’ve ever done business with. In a world where integrity is lacking so much, Ben Rader leads with honesty. This is the ONLY company, my business will get our DDC and long line supply from! Cannot recommend high enough.

Amazing Collar

The Rader K9 Dominant dog collar 2.0 is a game changer. Properly placed it is extremely quick and effective.

You can’t beat the customer services from Ben.

Dominant Dog Collar 2.0
Gabriel Ramirez

I’ve used pinch collars and e collars, but the simplicity and cost of this training tool is amazing. I run a working dog that’s highly driven and this collar has helped so much with managing that. Thanks Rader for this awesome product!

When you think it can’t get better… it does

The last thing you want to fail when training working dogs, are your anchor points. I’ve trained with agencies all over the country, and seen the gamut of tools for success and unfortunately seen a few fail. Enter the RaderK9 backtie. I already had the first version which I loved. Simple. Effective. Durable. But the latest mode came out and even wi th a 100+ monster of. Dutch shepherd rocking the bite table this thing was solid. The cinch was icing on the cake and I can honestly say if my bite table ever wears down, the backtie definitely won’t.

Lose the log chain!

The bite table or bark box became increasingly popular over the past few years. Most of use have used a log chain to secure the dog on the table. Though it will get the job done it is cumbersome to adjust and is just clunky. This product is plenty sturdy enough and is completely adjustable. Give it a try.!!

High Quality Equipment

So grateful for Rader K9 delivering quality gear. I never have to worry about it failing during training. Sizing, color, quality; everything about this DDC is perfection.

Excellent Multipurpose Collar

Absolutely LOVE these collars. Use them with our working and pet dogs and they are great! We have used these with our Dutchie for helping teach outs and do manual take offs during bite work. They also work great for cleaning up a competition style heel or other regular corrections as well. When in a bind they can also be used as a tab, tree tether base, or coupler! These are a must have training tool in our gear arsenal.

Great collar

These collars work!! I have a German Shepard and a Lab/Boxer mix and my dogs no longer pull or act up when we take walks. I have complete control over them, even when we see a squirrel! I would definitely recommend purchasing one.

Amazing leads

I started using these leads since March 2021. Had out on many deployments and have yet to have anything catch it. Also love the fact that the 10' is perfect to fit in a pouch or pocket, making it quick and easy to deploy. Definitely won't use anything else

Key Piece of Equipment

These collars are amazing! They make ‘tactical take offs’ light work. There’s no conflict, or stress when using these collars. I keep one in each common size for handlers that have highly possessive dogs and struggle with the ‘lift off’ and routinely use them on dogs doing odor work. A++

Outstanding Leads

I’ve been handling dogs for 9 years now and have used a wide variety of leads...these are hands down the best and most versatile leads on the market. They store easy in a pocket or pouch, super light weight and don’t get caught up on things! If your a LE K-9 handler you better have a set of these!