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Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Acid Purple
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Black
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Blaze Orange
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Camo
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Charcoal Grey
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Coyote Tan
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Desert Camo
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Electric Blue
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Imperial Red
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Multi Camo
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Neon Green
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Neon Pink
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Neon Turquoise
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Neon Yellow
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Ranger Green (Dark OD Green)
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Woodland Camo
Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) - Yellow
Dominant Dog Collars
Dominant Dog Collars
Dominant Dog Collars
Dominant Dog Collars
Dominant Dog Collars
Dominant Dog Collars
Dominant Dog Collars

Dominant Dog Collars

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The Dominant Dog Collar (DDC) is made with the working canine in mind. Many of our canines have larger heads than necks, this is due to the amount of bite strength work we do with our canines.

The DDC is constructed of Solid Brass Rings and a Solid Brass Clasp that allows the user to simply clip the collar around his/her canine's neck. 

Lacking the holes of classic metal choke chain, this collar will protect your canine's fur. The collar is light weight which helps keep the collar just below the jaw line, the optimal location for a choke/slip collar. This light weight attribute also keeps the DDC above any other collar your canine might be wearing (i.e. an e-collar, or flat collar). Keeping the DDC above all other collars and just below the jawline makes for a swift Tactical Take Off, when a manual take off is required.

It is best to measure your canine's neck starting just behind the ears and then around the jaw line. Keep a little slack, maybe one - two fingers worth, in the measuring tape. Round up to the nearest inch.

The canine in the picture measures in at 17" and wears a 17" collar.

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