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Silent Slip Collars

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Color: Acid Purple

The Silent Slip Collar (SSC) is a rendition of the classic metal "choke chain" used in canine training. This collar is constructed from 6mm paracord and high quality metal rings. Being made of paracord adds a few benefits over the classic metal version. It is a more tactically sound collar in that it is virtually silent. Lacking the holes of classic metal choke chain, this collar will protect your canine's fur. The collar is light weight which helps keep the collar just below the jaw line, the optimal location for a choke/slip collar.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Connor Perry
Awesome Collar

Been using these for years, typically replace every year or two to keep them fresh. All three of my dogs have them. Fantastic and highly recommend.

mike carbonneau
2nd purchase

2nd purchase from Raderk9, just wanted a shorter slip
collar for a more snug fit. couldn’t be happier, great prices and it shipped and arrived within a couple

Anne Crane
It's working

Took me a few times to get the collar located correctly but it is working! My dog is finally "heeling"

Very well built...but

The collars are of the highest quality. One can see that pride is behind each piece. I have one complaint and that is that I feel the cordage used is a bit too small of a diameter (18" collar with 1/4"or 3/16" cordage). I feel that this really hits the esophagus harder since there is a smaller area. Wheezing starts almost immediately as opposed to having a little bit of warning for the pup.


Thank you for your review I absolutely take my time with each piece. I use 1/4' Paracord to build all of the collars and slip leads. You might possibly look into a DDC instead of the slip collar. A DDC would allow for a tighter and higher fit which would keep the cordage above your pup's trachea causing a gagging effect instead of a wheezing effect. - Please contact me directly and we will work something out.

Please keep in mind that these collars are built to be smooth, immediate (timely), and quiet with the idea that the pup can not brace itself. This allows for a much greater reaction with far less force from the owner. These collars are also meant to be a gradual increase of pressure and not a 'snapping' effect collar like a prong collar. Most of the time simply holding your ground will cause the pup to activate and then deactivate the collar. The pressure should come on immediately and gradually increase. As the pup ceases the behavior the pressure should gradually decrease and then turn off.

John Smith
Love it

Always well constructed. Only collar my dogs wear at home. Gentle correction collar that I don’t worry about breaking